Northgate School

Northgate School

We are a Kingdom Community designated to facilitate (a) Individual Spiritual growth and maturity. (b) Increase in Christ-likeness. (c) Perfecting our capacity to love God and Man.

The Reformation Center is committed to the bringing forth of believers with the mentality of obedience and total commitment to the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom. We are in covenant relationship with each other; funtioning and ministring in powerful manifestation of the Holy Spirit , waging victorious warfare against the kingdom Satan and fulfilling the command to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth in order to facilitate the return of the Lord.

We are a People making conscious decisions to go after God, make God happy by our powerful performance of His purposes in the Earth at all cost.

We are irrevocably committed to bringing REFORMATION to every aspect of our Society, ie the Church, the Economic, the Educational, Political, and Social spheres of life.




Global Day of Offering

Yelwa, Bauchi State, Nigeria Details

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