Empower School

Empower School

Empower School

The planned health centre will be of immense benefit to the entire 53 villages. We noticed that the health status of people in the various communities have been quite poor during our yearly medical outreaches which was grossly inadequate. We diagnosed a lot chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes which require lifelong management in an established hospital . In addition the level of awareness on health issues is quite low. The building covers an area of 770.03sqm. Humble Architecture with moderate aesthetics as common in the community, thereby encouraging service to the people. Pedestrian ways within the building are covered.

The building is zoned into 3 sections namely;

- PUBLIC AREA: (Reception/ Waiting areas, Pharmacy, Injection, Convenience, Parking)

- CLINICAL AREA: (Wards, Isolation, Delivery rooms/ Theatre)

- STAFF ZONE: (Consultants, Laboratory, Nurses station)




Global Day of Offering

Yelwa, Bauchi State, Nigeria Details

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