The heart of God for prophetic distribution

Everything about the Congress is prophetically discerned. Therefore, for you to understand the language of the spirit you have to be prophetic. In fact, the joining of PO’s heart to that of DNW is through prophetic discernment.

We are in a unique season of Sanctuary/Ingathering in which the AAN is our priority. We therefore must align completely with heaven’s intents. Thus, ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS AND COMMANDS FROM THE UPPER REALM MUST BE CAPTURED AND EXECUTED WITH UTMOST CARE AND DILLIGENCE. Exodus 12: 50.  It is therefore on this basis that the leadership of TRC desires that everyone in the community become prophetic. Numbers 29: 30. The intent of this series of teachings is that in the next three weeks, every member of TRC would be activated to be prophetic.

  • After the GGPE, all of life in the Congress has moved to the UPPER REALM. To exit effectively, we have to be prophetic. John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me

“We are privileged through the word of God to hear an Upper Realm talking” DNW. In the Upper Realm, we must look carefully, listen closely and pay attention. (Ezekiel 40:4).

Our responsibility right now is to actually, perceptionally see the realm that has been opened up by God. … That’s our responsibility, we have to see it, perceptionally see the realm that’s opened up by God. We must enter and take hold of it. DNW


  • To be prophetic is to hear, understand and respond appropriately to God’s intentions. Mathew 25: 24-25. Wrong perception produces inaccurate response. Being prophetic corrects our perception / sight.
  • Prophetic gift is not as important as the downstream dimension of the gifting imparted to the saints. Ephesian 4: 13-14, 1 Samuel 10: 10-11. We are becoming a prophetic encampment!!!
  • God is interested in the process of hearing Him on issues of our everyday life. John 5:30.
  • Our ability to come to terms with this statement is pivotal to the extent that God will allow us access to His mind.
  • Our preparation towards prophetic activation starts from here. We must be prepared to surrender command and control to the Holy Spirit at all times and embrace servant-hood.


Still the Noise

The eye of the hurricane is a place of perfect stillness! The reason people have difficult hearing the voice of God is because they are not still inside. If we want to be prophetic then we have to be completely still or dead inside.

•          Stillness is a prerequisite for interaction with God.

•          The hurricane achieves balance between powerful sustained movement and quite continuous listening. We are designed to live this way with quit continuous listening inside and powerful sustained movement outside. Stillness is not lack of talking or lack of activity but a continuous posture of listening to God.

In light of this, what are the greatest enemies of being prophetic?

•          Personal opinions

•          Authoritative possession of experiences

•          Cultural & family norms

•          The demands of the moment

•          The fear of man

•          Self-will. This is the biggest enemy of the prophetic!

We need to identify and renounce or revoke these enemies if we want to be prophetic! All these things listed above constitute Noise!




Global Day of Offering

Yelwa, Bauchi State, Nigeria Details

Establishing core communities defining Reformation Centre as a core community

We are a people set on a journey. When embarking on a journey, you need to travel light. You need to drop some baggage that might slow you down. Thus, we have to let go of some sins that easily besets us from journeying.


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