Establishing core communities defining Reformation Centre as a core community

We are a people set on a journey. When embarking on a journey, you need to travel light. You need to drop some baggage that might slow you down. Thus, we have to let go of some sins that easily besets us from journeying.

If you are embarking on a journey, you must know your destination; otherwise, you are taking a stroll. So for us in this community, we know where we are going and we know it is a journey to Christ. Our destination therefore is Christ!

We also know that for a journey, we need values. For you to get to Christ, you need values.

We are an apostolic community; we have characteristics that make us apostolic!


  • We have great capacity for revelation. Therefore the revelation that comes from our apostolic source Dr. Noel Woodroffe, always find reception in our hearts in Reformation Centre. 
  • We are a community of radical obedience. We cannot be a core community without obedience. Thus obedience is core!
  • We have endurance with long internal time frames.
  • We are a community with developed spiritual patience.  Patience is a quality designed to save us from the haste of the flesh.
  • We are a community with no carnal ambition. We are a people sent and not driven by ambition.
  • We are a community that is relationship oriented. We are getting to the finish together with no one dropping off along the way.
  • We have massive internal precision. Our proximity with God is a high sense of responsibility.
  • We are a community of active hearing of the voice of God. This is a place where God speaks to us always.
  • We are a community where there is no competitive spirit. 
  • We have capacity to carry spiritual burdens. We are the spiritual Issachar of our time.
  • We are immune to intimidation.
  • We have great enthusiasm for kingdom advance.
  • We have the ability to perceive spiritual architecture.  
  • We are a community with the heart of a willing slave to God. We are designed to give God what he wants.
  • We have organized spiritual systems of operations.
  • We have great love for the Body of Christ.
  • We have the Finish embedded into our hearts and minds. We are a people committed to the Finish of God’s purposes on earth.

When God releases His initiatives, we build core pillars or Kingdom Communities to support what the lord is doing in the earth.


We function as a core kingdom community through:

  • Intimacy with God
  • Partnership with God
  • Obedience
  • Death to self
  • Christlikeness
  • Hard work, diligence, & sacrifice  

With all these characteristic embedded in our lives, we can carry the initiatives of God.


A core kingdom community is one that can be utilized as a standard for new kingdom communities coming into the kingdom community network of the Congress in the future. Thus, we are:

  • We are a standard for community live and relationship.
  • We are a place of standard for community worship. Worship for us means sacrifice as seen in the life of Abraham.
  • We are a place of pattern and precision.
  • We carry greater responsibility of the apostolic doctrine and ways.
  • We are a hub of wilder distribution and representations of the values received from the Apostles.
  • We grow in quality, standard and revelation beyond the initial deposit made into our lives.
  •  We are nourishers of other emerging kingdom communities through support, governmental prayers and giving.


  • We fully express sanctuary and ingathering.
  • We are a place of strong love for the Body of Christ.
  • We are a place of safety, refuge, refreshing and renewal for those sent by the lord.
  • We are a place where people find a true expression of the heart of the Congress.
  • We are a place of strength and safety for the weak and the broken.
  • We embrace personal transformation and the requirement for spiritual maturity.
  • We defend the purity of God’s purpose for the region.  We do this by honouring the sanctity of our marriages.
  • We strongly uphold kingdom principles and values.
  • We have a defined sense of a spiritual journey. Thus we need to be flexible.
  • We continuously track the apostolic movement.
  • The reality of spiritual migration has to be built into the hearts of the people.
  • We have clear definition of the spiritual movement of the Kingdom Community.
  • We demonstrate diligence marked by an offering of hard work.  We are a place of hard work offered with joy. Genesis 49: 15, Psalm 110: 3.
  • We have a high quality relational environment. Ephesians 4: 15-16,
  • We are a place of strong support base and regional development for the Congress regional coordinator.
  • We are a developed centre for accurate, authentic Congress worship.
  • We are a place of the effective manifestation of the spiritual culture of the apostolic grace.
  • We guard the spiritual stability of the region through strong governmental prayers as we enter deeply into seasons of global crisis. This we do through our governmental prayers!
  • We are a place of financial responsibility to the Congress.  Philippians 4: 17- 19

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